White Privilege Club Motorcyclist Drives Through Trumpcare Protesters

San Francisco Motorbiker arrested

A San Francisco motorcycle rider was arrested by the police for driving through a group of protesters lying on a closed-down street for an anti-Trumpcare protest.

Right-winger Targets Trumpcare Protesters

According to Raw Story, the rider is the founder of the Facebook group “The White Privilege Club.” Shortly after the incident, Facebook erased the page.

Witnesses said that the protesters were lying on Seventh Street, blocking traffic for about seven minutes when the rider appeared out of nowhere. He reportedly rode on a one-way street in the wrong direction just to get the chance of scaring off protesters.

“He was revving and revving, he was gunning it, aiming at people who were lying down,”

One protester said.

Fortunately, activists were able to clear the street before they were hit. The man allegedly turned around the bike to drive at the group again from the opposite direction yelling that if they wanted to go to the hospital, he would grant their wish. “You will have healthcare if you people stop protesting,” the right-winger said.

The Man Was Arrested

Police were fast to react and arrested the man at gunpoint. However, as he was escorted out of the scene, he continued to taunt protesters. He told them that they were blocking the intersection, but thanks to him it is no longer blocked. “[…] see how that works? ” he yelled at the group.

The San Francisco Police Department refused to release the name of the man, but public records show the motorbike belongs to Jeffrey Dillon. Many of the protesters said they were terrified to see the man driving through their group.

One witness said the general feeling when people saw the rider was that maybe he was confused. However, when he refused to stop and showed an intention to plow through them, people rolled out of the way. It is unclear what the man’s intention was or if he was mentally unstable, but the experience was “terrifying,” the witness said.