Get to the Choppa: D.C. Republican Runs for Cover When Faced with Healthcare Questions

Washington D.C.

If you are looking for a Republican representative in Washington D.C. to enlighten you on how the GOP healthcare reform plan will affect you, good luck finding one. And even if you do find him, you’ll likely be ignored as this is what happened to a woman questioning Congressman Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) in a retirement home Wednesday.

This Republican Completely Ignores Woman’s Healthcare-related Questions

The lawmaker refused to answer to any Trumpcare-related questions before and after the event. When a woman with a sick son started questioning him on the vote he gave to the Republican bill to repeal Obamacare, he gave her the cold shoulder.

The woman started firing the questions before the event. This was when Poliquin tried to deflect and pointed out to her that she was not a resident, and the event was for residents only. When an aide told him that the room was considered a public forum, the Republican ignored the woman and started the press conference.

After the event, the woman tried again to have his attention, but the congressman completely ignored her. Moments later, he literally bolted out of the room to dodge further questioning.

Poliquin’s Defense of Trumpcare

Poliquin’s vote was critical in passing the House version of the GOP’s healthcare overhaul bill. At the time, he said that the new law would impact only 7 percent of Maine’s population, which cannot be true when taking into account Medicaid cuts and the loss of protection of patients having a pre-existing condition.

The lawmaker also said that Obamacare was ‘failing’ before casting his vote, which is at odds with recent findings from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which show that insurance companies are regaining profitability, and a market collapse is no longer a danger.
Image Source: Flickr