‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Runs Deep Into the Trump Administration

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus at the 2017 CPAC

President Trump has likened the investigations into his campaign’s alleged ties to the Russian government to the “greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history,” but some of his closest aides believe things run much deeper than that. They believe the president is the victim of a conspiracy.

The Deep State is After Trump

Trump’s senior adviser Steve Bannon along with other top-ranking White House officials is worried that “deep state” forces are scheming to remove Trump from office, people familiar with the matter told Politico.

In the following weeks of the FBI Director James Comey’s abrupt firing, the White House was hit by a tidal wave of scandals based on leaks coming from the Trump administration.

Trump landed in the hot seat for disclosing classified information to the Russians, while his son-in-law and senior counsel Jared Kushner was accused of running secret negotiations with Moscow to set up a backchannel for communication with Russia.

The number of damaging leaks coming from the White House has prompted Trump’s associates to believe that somebody is after the president.

Fox News Embraces the Conspiracy Theory

The president’s favorite news network, Fox News, has also touted the idea that there is a “deep state” within the U.S. government that tirelessly works to remove certain politicians from power.

Fox News’ host Sean Hannity believes “deep-state” Obama loyalists are infiltrated in the Trump Cabinet and are “hell-bent on destroying the president.” Hannity urged the president to purge his administration of these Obama holdovers “before it’s too late.”

Breitbart News, which was once run by Bannon, has also embraced the theory in recent months, putting the blame for most media scandals on the “deep state.” Bannon is said to join a “war room”-like an operation that will provide a rapid response to the “deep state”-controlled media, federal investigators, and Trump’s political rivals.
Image Source: Wikimedia