Dem Challenger To Ted Cruz Takes In Record Fundraising Haul In First Quarter Of 2018


If you were looking for a sign that the upcoming midterm election may prove to be especially sweet for Democrats, look no further than the state of Texas, where a challenger to Senator Ted Cruz (R) just raked in a record amount of money for his campaign.

U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) reports that in the first three months of the year, his campaign raised a staggering $6.7 million. And that could prove to be very bad news for Cruz, who is seen as vulnerable in deep red Texas.

The $6.7 million is the most raised yet by any Democratic Senate candidate and is in addition to the two previous quarters, when O’Rourke garnered $1.7 and $2.4 million. It also means that the Texas Democrat has now outraised the incumbent Cruz three of the last four reporting periods.

In a statement, O’Rourke noted that the record numbers of small contributions proves that people are tired of business as usual in Washington:

“Campaigning in a grassroots fashion while raising more than $6.7 million from 141,000 contributions, we are the story of a campaign powered by people who are standing up to special interests, proving that we are more than a match and making it clear that Texans are willing to do exactly what our state and country need of us at this critical time.”

The Texas Tribune also reports:

“O’Rourke’s campaign released the fundraising statistics Tuesday morning ahead of the April 15 deadline to report it to the Federal Election Commission. Cruz has not offered any numbers for the full quarter, though he disclosed raising $803,000 through the first 45 days of the year — a fraction of O’Rourke’s $2.3 million for the same timeframe.

“On Tuesday morning, O’Rourke’s team did not volunteer its cash-on-hand figure, but the $6.7 million raised is likely to go a long way toward closing his deficit with Cruz in money to spend. As of mid-February, O’Rourke had $4.9 million in the bank to Cruz’s $6 million.”

Cruz is currently on a three-day 12 city tour of the Lone Star state which marks the official start of his re-election campaign. O’Rourke will also be on the road, holding town halls in 15 cities over the next week.

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