Democratic Governor Slams GOP For Enabling Trump’s ‘Moral Depravity’


At the heart of the GOP in the age of Trump is a fundamental conundrum: How does a party that has long heralded itself as representing “family values” so eagerly embrace and support a man as immoral as the current president?

Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) has been asking the same question, and told Politico that he’s disgusted by how so many Republicans are “kowtowing” to Trump no matter what he does or says.

Inslee, who serves as chair of the Democratic Governors Association, said that GOP governors who refuse to call Trump out will indeed be targeted by Democrats in the upcoming midterm election:

“[A]ll across the country they will be called to account for that chaotic behavior.”

And Inslee had even harsher words for the president and the party he represents:

“We have Republican governors who are kowtowing to Donald Trump and will continue to do so, who have been lackeys to his abysmal record and his moral depravity and his inhumane policies.

“It’s been amazing to me, shocking and disappointing, that we have so many Republicans who now aspire for governor who just are afraid and shaking in their boots and won’t stand up against this man in the White House.”

Even worse, Inslee insisted, is how Republicans have refused to confront the issues that will improve the country:

“It’s not so much a debate between plan A or B. It’s between plan A and nothing, because that’s what the Republicans have offered. They’re not offering us a real solution on infrastructure. They’re not offering us a solution on climate change, they just denied its existence. They’re not offering a plan on really seriously what to do about gun violence. We are.”

Climate change is especially important, Inslee added:

“There’s points where things change, and I think we’re getting to that tipping point right now on climate change. And it has to happen now because we don’t have a lot more time.”

Recent polls suggest that Inslee and the Democrats will have a very good midterm election. The latest generic ballot poll shows Democrats with a 15-point lead.

Featured Image Via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0