The Democrats Just Expanded The Healthcare Debate With A Plan Designed For All Americans

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The Democrats have a lot on their plates with mid-term elections on the horizon. That hasn’t stopped them, however, from working hard to bring Americans a health care plan that will work for everyone.

Now that Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) have released their new plan; Democrats have a total of five potential healthcare proposals to help stir the debate.


Right now, according to Sarah Kliff for Vox, the following liberal health care proposals are all on the table:

With all of these choices, it seems that Democrats across the board are eager to stir the debate and get things moving.

On top of that, if things continue the way they have been at the polls and the blue wave continues this fall, with a congressional majority, there’s a chance that a common sense approach to health care might be back on the table by next year.


Certainly, considering what Trumpism has done to policy in America, the Democrats have a lot of areas that they could choose to focus on once they attain the majority. However, when Kliff asked the Senators that introduced the most recent bill about it, they said the party wants to concentrate on health care.

“There is no question we’ll have to act,” said Murphy. “It’s the number one issue in America. The polls are clear.”


Dubbed The Choose Medicare Act, the new plan would allow a company to purchase coverage for its employees through the Medicare plan. This plan goes a bit beyond the Kaine-Bennet proposal in that it expands the option to businesses instead of only individuals.

For example, instead of WalMart purchasing plans from a private insurance company, it would buy it from Medicare. The idea is that people would benefit from Medicare’s “strong bargaining power,” and save money on premiums.

The best part of this plan is that the more people on Medicare, the more bargaining power the company would have. That’s the theory, anyway.

Also under the new plan, Obamacare enrollees would be able to use their subsidies to buy into Medicare, just like they can now with private plans.


One thing is evident, the Democrats are not all on the same page when it comes to healthcare. For example, Murphy has not signed on to Bernie Sander’s Medicare-for-all plan, but Merkley has. They didn’t agree on his proposal, so they came up with this new plan to bring additional options to the table.

However, it is equally clear that the Democrats are in this fight for the long-term and they are earnest about finding a solution.

It’s beyond refreshing to see a political party seemingly back at the drawing board for a brainstorming session. With these five plans now converging on the scene, if the Democrats win a majority in the fall, a common sense approach to healthcare legislation may just be on the horizon.

And that’s good news for every American, but especially those with pre-existing conditions who have spent the past year and a half terrified they are about to lose healthcare coverage.

Feature Image via Pixabay