Democrats Raising The Minimum Wage

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at DNC

The Democrats have proposed a wage increase and it’s not just a small one. If the act would be passed, the federal minimum wage would increase to $15.

Raise The Wage Act

The Democrats propose to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024, which actually isn’t a long way off. The increase would provide raises for 20.7 million workers in 21 states. In those 21 states, the current minimum wage is set at $7.25 an hour. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced the act with Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) along with 28 other Democrats back in May. The analysis of the act comes on the 8th anniversary of the last federal minimum wage increase.  Reps. Bobby Scott and Kith Ellison introduced the bill in the House with 152 sponsors.

The new report from the National Employment Law Project states that the 21 states that are at federal minimum wage would see raises for 36.8% of the average workforce. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which were both won by Trump (so, so sorry), the percentages are just as high at 35.4% and 32.5% respectively. Christine Owens, the group’s executive director, stated, “The federal minimum wage is supposed to provide a meaningful standard to ensure that workers everywhere in the country are paid at least an adequate wage to meet their basic needs,” which currently that wage is nowhere close.

But if the wage is increased to $15, you better step up your game McDonald’s because no one is going appreciate workers who get paid that much money to screw up a simple burger.



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