Democrats Call Russian Hack an Act of War

Russian president Vladimir Putin

Democratic lawmakers have recently called Russia’s intervention in the presidential election an act of war. The Democrats have begun popularizing their opinion especially after FBI Director James Comey revealed that the agency is investigating any possible connections between president Trump, his aides, and Russian officials. That hack consisted of a leaking of private emails belonging to some Democrats and even John Podesta, meant to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances at winning the presidential race.

An act of war?

Apart from calling the Russian intervention an act of war, the Democrats have also said that president Trump favors Russia. Also, that Moscow damaged the presidential election a lot and that something like this is not normal. On the other hand, Republicans are now in a position to defend the administration’s strategy regarding Russia and its intervention. Some Democrats accused Russia of committing an act of war. They also accused the president of allowing them. For example, Democrat Bonnie Watson Coleman stated during a hearing at the House Homeland Security Committee, that what Russia has done contradicts the democratic principles and it is indeed an act of war. Moreover, she attacked Donald Trump and his attitude towards not only Russia as a nation, but towards its president, Vladimir Putin. The fact that Trump has been praising Putin so much and that he practically ignored Russia’s cyber attacks might send out the wrong message. People might think he is weak or a puppet. And the Kremlin might get the wrong idea that it can control Washington and the United States.

Many other Democrats also shared her opinion in calling Russia’s interference an act of war. Some said that this should become a concern for the American people and a proof of the president’s protection. Apart from this, Democrats also said that the nation should learn a valuable lesson and should not allow something like this to ever happen again. Foreign players should never mingle in the country’s internal businesses. Some of them even called what happened during the election the “political Pearl Harbor”.

Some do not agree

Meanwhile, other people have said that what Russia did is indeed wrong. However, that the Democrats are only trying once again to delegitimize Donald Trump’s victory. There were also people who tried to send a warning. For example, Michael Schmitt, an international law professor at the University of Exeter, stated that everyone should choose their words very carefully. A statement like “act of war” might bring with it a whole other series of issues which people might wrongly understand. According to him, to throw such accusations is not only dangerous but might prove to be a spark which could light a very big fire. And nobody wants that.

An army top officer also warned about the use of the term “war” when talking about such hacks or cyber attacks. According to him, when there are talks about war, a nation must immediately think of a response. This is the way it works. Democrats are only throwing accusations, but do not seem to want to respond in any way. Michael Schmitt concluded by saying that what Russia did was not an act of war, but rather a violation of some rules, which will not go unpunished.

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