Dems Just Flipped These Seats in Special Elections

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Democrats have just flipped two seats previously held by the GOP in the special elections for state legislatures in New Hampshire and Oklahoma, respectively. The two districts were comfortably won by Trump last November.

Since last fall, the Democratic Party has flipped six seats and counting, but the win in Oklahoma was shocking. Schoolteacher Jacob Rosecrants crushed businessman Darin Chambers by a two-digit margin.

In November, Rosecrants lost the District 46 to Republican Scott Martin by a similar margin. The seat was left empty again when Martin stepped down to be able become head of the Norman Chamber of Commerce, which prompted the special election.

In that district, Trump defeated Clinton last year by more than 10%.

Rosecrants convinced Oklahoma voters that he’s the right man for the job by campaigning on overhauling the criminal justice system, boosting school funding, diminishing lobbyists’ influence on state politics, and solving the looming budget crisis.

Progress, public education and long-term budget solutions resonated with Oklahoma voters, turning this once reliably-red seat blue,

Said the Democrat’s campaign after the win.

Oklahoma and New Hampshire Voting Blue

Democrats also secured the seat representing Belknap County District 9 in New Hampshire’s legislature. Another teacher, Charlie St. Clair, defeated his Republican rival by a 58-vote margin on a campaign focused on improving transportation infrastructure and public safety.

In the previous elections, Republicans secured the seat handily, but their pick, Robert Fisher, had to resign in May amid reports that he had founded a misogynistic online forum. Last fall, Trump won the district by 16%.

The two states could offer Democrats other opportunities to flip seats in state legislatures. The Democratic Party has flipped three seats in Oklahoma and two seats in New Hampshire since Trump’s win.
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