Democrats Ready For War Over Transgender Ban


The Democrats like to stay away from anything cultural unless it’s for the greater good of the American people. Trump has overstepped those boundaries and now, they’re ready for war.

War Is Hell, But Trump Is Worse

Trump’s latest detestable stunt of banning transgender Americans from serving has stuck another nail in the coffin. His horrid gesture is reminiscent of Karl Rove’s efforts in 2004 to ban same-sex marriage.  The president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory Angelo, said that Trump’s suggestion “smacks of politics, pure and simple.” Wait a minute, is he agreeing with us? Because that sounds like agreeing.

Unlike in 2004, the Democrats this time around say they don’t fear a political debate over transgender rights will damage them in the Rust Belt, where they need most of their support. Some Democrats that are in deep red states running for re-election are more than critical of Trump’s ban, they’re down right pissed off. Democratic strategist Ron Klain said, “Democrats need to show–and can show– that they can simultaneously fight for a society that is both more fair and prosperous–and drive home the fact that Trump is delivering neither.”

Trump had even campaigned on protecting LGBT rights, but he failed to mention he’s protecting them from terrorists. not protecting their rights.

Democrats Respond With Beautiful Remarks

Potential Democratic nominees for the 2020 election downright drew and quartered Trump’s statement. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York vowed to introduce legislation to overturn it. Sen. Kamala Harris of California called the move “discriminatory, wrong, and un-American.” Good ol’ former VP Joe Biden tweeted back to Trump saying, “patriotic American who is qualified to serve in our military should be able to serve.”

Through a purely political stance, Trump is doing this as a ruse to have some Democrats lose the re-election. 10 senators are up for re-election in states that he won, and they all have white Christian voters whose polls say they are against transgender rights as well as any LGBT rights. Among the Dems facing a tough re-election battle is Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota who stated, “If a service member can do the job and is willing, they should be able to serve–and they should be able to be open about who they are.”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin tweeted, “A ban against any patriotic American who wants to serve our country is wrong.” Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey said, “The decision announced by the administration today will prevent highly qualified, patriotic Americans from serving in our military.”

Even some Republicans have called him out on the ban including Sen. John McCain and Sen. Thom Tillis. What these politicians fail to remember is, this is not a political issue. The rights of humans and human welfare should not even be a political issue, it’s basic human decency.