Rodman: Both Leaders Are ‘Pretty Much The Same People’


Dennis Rodman, an NBA Hall of Famer who North Korea’s leader calls a “friend for life,” told French reporters this week that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are “pretty much the same people,” according to Newsweek.

Rodman says that the current nuclear face-off is more about Kim’s amusement than anything else. Well, that sure does sound quite a bit like our good old Donald, who takes to Twitter and throws the world into chaos whenever he has the urge.

Perhaps, yes, threats of nuclear war back and forth amount to some psychological game being imposed upon the people of the world for entertainment. The way Rodman describes Kim, it sounds like he’s just a reality star who doesn’t quite realize he’s threatening the lives of millions of people by poking at a moody, unpredictable world leader with the ability to launch a nuclear arsenal.

Despite reports that North Korea exists in a bubble imposed by its leadership, Kim Jong Un is apparently a “21st-century guy”.

“They love control,” said Rodman, again noting that the threats of nuclear war are “entertainment.”

Very funny, yes. North Korea recently test-launched a ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States and members of the Trump administration have publicly threatened North Korea with “total destruction.” Rodman still claims that the leaders are doing it for amusement.

Honestly – Rodman may be out of touch, but he is friends with Kim Jong Un. I think we’d all rather have a shot a diplomacy than nuclear conflict. On Monday, he called for a meeting between Trump and Kim, saying that he had “three messages” to relay to Washington that he received from “the marshal” in 2013 and 2014. Rodman previously tried to approach Trump and was shut down.

“I said to [Trump] I got three things to say to you. After that, he told me to fuck off.”

Rodman attributes Kim’s aggressive behavior to pressure from the fallout from “tyrants” like his father and grandfather, adding that Kim is in a position where he likely wants to do a lot of things that are positive. It’s a bit difficult to feel empathy for a world leader who has been accused of throwing dissenters into concentration camps, but hey, life is a paradox.

Rodman will be working on a “special pass” to get around Trump’s travel ban and visit North Korea next year to develop a documentary and write a book about his relationship with Kim.

Fun fact: Rodman was reportedly the first American to hold Kim’s daughter. They have sung karaoke together, played the basketball game “Horse,” and have ridden actual horses together.

I’d say it’s a tiny bit dangerous to normalize a dictator. But that’s what happens when two attention-thirsty world leaders use the media to erode all sense of reality. Here we are, one year into the Trump presidency!