Trump Turns His Head When The Leaks Are Favorable To Him

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Text messages that have been latched upon by House Republicans and Trump supporters as a means to paint the Mueller investigations as politically biased were not authorized to have been released to the media, according to a new report from Politico. The anti-Trump text messages between two former FBI employees were released to reporters and Congress and now the motives of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the DOJ are being questioned for their own possible bias.

375 texts between former agent, Peter Strzok and in-house attorney, Lisa Page spanned a period of 15 months. The former employees were reportedly having an extra-marital affair. The texts expressed political opinions that favored Hillary Clinton while showing disdain and disgust for Trump, who was called an “idiot.” Strzok was fired by Mueller when the texts were discovered, which clearly shows he was maintaining the integrity of the investigation, not showing bias.

Democratic lawmakers asked for a review of the Department of Justice’s decision to release the texts before the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz could finish his public report, which was projected for release by April.

House Judiciary Ranking Member, Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) joined with other Democrats to question who at the DOJ authorized the release and why. Rod Rosenstein had indicated in his Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Wednesday that the Inspector General was consulted before the release.

DOJ Public Affairs Director Sarah Isgur Flores told Politico that she believed the texts had been released to the media before Judiciary Committee members and that those disclosures weren’t authorized.

Quotations from Politico:

‚ÄúAs we understand now, some members of the media had already received copies of the texts before that ‚ÄĒ but those disclosures were not authorized by the department,‚ÄĚ she added.

At some point the DOJ changed course. Was it because they knew the messages had already reached the media?

DOJ had been planning to include the text messages as part of the final IG report, Isgur Flores added, but then changed course and opted for the early release after getting congressional committee requests for the material.

Flores then indicates that the Inspector General had no problem releasing the texts to Congress, but makes no mention about approving the public release to the media.

She said Rosenstein consulted with the IG, who ‚Äúdetermined that he had no objection to the department‚Äôs providing the material to the congressional committees that had requested it.‚ÄĚ

Natasha Bertrand, a political correspondent for Business Insider, reported the Justice Department invited a group of reporters to view the text messages on Tuesday night. One of Bertrand’s sources called the move “highly unusual” because the texts are part of the IG’s ongoing investigation.

“It’s appalling behavior by the department,” said Matthew Miller, a former DOJ spokesman. “This is an ongoing investigation in which these employees have due-process rights, and the political leadership at DOJ has thrown them to the wolves so Rosenstein can get credit from House Republicans at his hearing today.”

The story seems reminiscent of the decision by former FBI Director, Jame Comey, to make the premature and eminently consequential decision to make a public statement about investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails right before the 2016 presidential election. In hindsight, the motives appeared to be purely political. Now it appears Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the DOJ will face further questioning for their own motives in prematurely releasing these text messages.

The messages show bias, but that bias was addressed by Robert Mueller when he fired Peter Strzok. Republicans are grasping at straws to derail the Russia investigation. It appears the DOJ was willing to throw them a straw in this case.

See Rod Rosenstein’s Testimony below:

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