DeVos’ Choice for Civil Rights Office Has A Complete Disregard for Civil Rights

Education Secy Betsy DeVos

Ironically, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has just appointed a person who strongly opposes civil rights. In the mid-90s, Candice Jackson, 39, said she was discriminated against for being white at Stanford where she was studying calculus as an undergraduate.

Jackson a Victim of Reverse Racism

At the time, Jackson became interested in a section of the class that provided students with extra help on particular issues, but when she learned that the section was for minority students only, she wrote in student-run newspaper that she was ‘disappointed’ with the university’s decision to run such ‘discriminatory programs.’

She added that students should work their way towards their achievements instead of “assuming competence or incompetence based on race.” Jackson is also a big fan of Ayn Rand, a Russian-born promoter of ‘ethical egoism,’ which means there should be no help for poor people unless they’re white.

Jackson’s other writings from college years and beyond suggest she may turn the office she was appointed to manage into something else than her predecessors intended to.

It is worth noting that many Republicans want the office trimmed or gone, but because it represents a large chunk of the Department of Education, it will be a lot more wiser to appoint someone who silently destroys it from within.

This perfectly explains why DeVos picked somebody who doesn’t believe in civil rights to run the office. Jackson not only believes she was discriminated against for being white, a thing called ‘reverse racism,’ she also believes affirmative action can only lead to more racial discrimination. In addition, she once called the writings of Murray Rothbard, who was a staunch opponent of the Civil Rights Act, a “monumental achievement.”

Jackson Holds Mixed Views on Women’s Rights

Plus, she believes the ‘feminist culture’ can only move women “backwards, not forwards.” She defended president Bill Clinton’s victims for being sexually harassed, but she ironically defended Trump against the women who accused him of sexual harassment, calling them “fake victims.”

The head of the University of North Carolina’s Center for Civil Rights who helped the Obama transition team with counsel on civil rights issues, Theodore Shaw, voiced concern over Jackson’s appointment. He hopes Jackson won’t turn into an adversary of the civil rights community and that DeVos won’t scrap civil rights enforcement in the nation’s schools.

DeVos was able to make the new appointment for the deputy assistant secretary position because she doesn’t need the U.S. Senate’s confirmation to do it. Jackson will hold that position until a nominee confirmed by the Senate fills it. In the meantime, Jackson will be supervising more than 500 full-time department employees.

The Office for Civil Rights has been defending students against racial, age, gender, and disability discrimination for decades. Under former President Obama, the office encouraged colleges to focus more on minorities and women to boost diversity on campuses. Colleges were also asked to thoroughly investigate allegations of sexual harassment and rape on campus. However, these protections could be scaled back under the Trump administration.
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