Director Of Pro-Trump Group Openly Admits He’s Racist (VIDEO)

Higbie admits he's racist
Carl Higbie, who is openly racist and Islamophobic has been hired by an organization that is closely allied with President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump recently dined with the members of America First Policies, an organization whose director of advocacy is unabashedly racist and islamophobic.

Carl Higbie, who recently joined the organization, once bragged that when he’s flying and sees someone he thinks is “Muslim-jihad looking,” he asks if they are terrorists, Media Matters for America (MMFA) reported.

“When you put a rag on your head it’s my right to be suspicious.”

Higbie has a history of bigotry which led to his resignation as chief of internal affairs at the Corporation for National and Community Service in January. But that didn’t discourage America First from hiring him.

Last January, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski noted that as a radio commentator, Higbie has said “the black race have lax morals,” and that “black women think ‘breeding is a form of government employment.'” He’s also said he doesn’t like Muslims or LGBTQ people. And that military members with PTSD have a “weak mind” and went on to claim that 75 percent of those afflicted with this is either lying or “milking it for federal money.”

Oh, and then there’s the incident where Higbie shared a Facebook post laden with the N-word in 2014.

What a guy. No wonder Trump likes him.

So after Higbie landed this new gig, MMFA decided to investigate a little further. Sure enough, they found he’d made a string of public hateful comments, including the one about harassing airline passengers. He made that comment during a guest appearance on the internet-based Renegade Talk Radio Network, on April 19, 2013, following the Boston Marathon bombings.

You can hear the poison below.

Richie Keppler, co-host of the podcast repeatedly denigrated Muslims, using the term “raghead” numerous times while talking about the perpetrators of the bombing.

“I say it’s okay to hate Muslims,” Higbie said during the program.

As part of a discussion about morality in the U.S., he said:

“I just don’t like gay people.”

He repeated that comment again on his own radio program, The Sound of Freedom. 

On that issue, however, Higbie has reportedly had a change of heart.

“I’ve changed a lot on that topic,” he said, adding that he was molested by a man when he was a child. “I wish I could take those comments back.”

He’s also hosted programs for Renegade Talk Radio, and in one instance during a November 9, 2013, appearance he said:

“I have no problem with Muslims in Ameri — well, I have no problems with Muslims in America here. As long as they conform to being Americans. If they are going to run around with a towel on their head, I’m going to act suspicious because they are identifying themselves and they are distinctly saying ‘Look at me, I am Muslim.'”

He has also characterized President Barack Obama as “a Muslim-in-Chief” infiltrating our government. During the same program, he asserted that a shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport “may have been an attempt to pull the attention off Obamacare.”

“Now I could be wrong, and like I said, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, because I really don’t think the government is organized enough to some of these conspiracies, but this — it’s getting deeper and deeper.”

And you really just have to love these people who say “I’m not a conspiracy theorist but…” because they are identifying themselves up front.

MMFA asked America First Policies about Higbie’s comments regarding airline passengers and got a snippy response from spokeswoman Erin Montgomery:

“I think if you have to go back five whole years to fulfill your mission to expose so-called ‘right-wing media lies,’ then you may want to be a bit more concerned about the relevance of your nonprofit. As a former U.S. Navy Seal with two tours of duty in Iraq fighting radical Islam, Carl Higbie risked his life for the better part of a decade to protect the freedoms of all Americans, including those who work at your organization. He’s been a warrior on and off the battlefield — a loyal fighter for policies that will help put all Americans first.”

Either this woman is very naive, or she’s ignorant because the wars we have waged in Iraq have been for Big Oil, not for freedom.

Racism and Islamophobia remain as underlying components in the U.S., buried just under the surface, but with Trump in office, Higbie and other haters are crawling out of the woodwork faster than we have seen in decades. And despite whatever sacrifices Higbie made on the battlefield, it’s not making us any freer as a country. It certainly hasn’t made the lives of people of color any easier, especially when they still have to deal with bigotry on a daily basis.

You can watch the discussion about Higbie’s racism and his new job in the video below.

Featured image courtesy of Me The News via YouTube video