DNC Douses Trump’s Claims


Just three weeks after President Trump unveiled an election integrity panel designed to probe possible illegal voting; the Democratic National Committee struck back. Democrats created their panel, suggestively named the Commission on Protecting American Democracy from the Trump Administration, to fight the president’s accusations of voter fraud.

DNC Dismisses Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

A former state secretary will lead the new DNC taskforce – Jason Kander – who is also leading the voter rights organization Let America Vote. Kander recently said that the president’s remark that up to five million votes were cast illegally in the 2016 presidential election was maybe one of the biggest lies a U.S. president has ever said.

Kander claims Trump made that statement to “mend his bruised ego” after his Democratic leader Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. The new group’s leader thinks Trump just created a dangerous precedent for other GOP politicians to suppress votes and complicate the election process.

DNC chair Tom Perez underlined that Trump’s voter fraud claim falls under the category of “alternative facts.” Perez thinks Trump’s election integrity commission is illegal because America does not have a voter fraud issue.

Democrats Take Matter into Their Own Hands

Perez pointed out that with Trump in the Oval Office and Jeff Sessions at the helm of the Department of Justice, Americans can no longer put their hopes in the DOJ to protect discriminated voters.

It’s time that the Democratic Party fights back,

the DNC chairman added.

Perez thinks that with its current rhetoric, the GOP denies America’s voters their rights just at the ballot box, rather than fighting to earn their votes. The newly-launched commission’s mission is to counter the efforts to silence voters. The DNC also announced that it would have four people instead of one working on voter rights issues.
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