Dodgers Pitcher Mocks Trump’s Comments on Twitter


Like with any sports, we all have our favorite teams. We may hate or love the Dodgers, but we can all appreciate how pitcher Brandon McCarthy just schooled Trump on his comments.

McCarthy Mocks Trump

It a blast to the past recently with the uprising of Nazi’s and white supremacy. Normally anyone likes a good nostalgic throwback, but not like this. Trump’s comments on Tuesday were so inflammatory you may have to take antibiotics just to calm the heat. Trump blamed both sides for the recent Charlottesville attack, and he’s being ripped apart about it. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Brandon McCarthy, took to Twitter to mock Trump. McCarthy chose to compare his comments to the opposing sides of WWII.

McCarthy has been known for using his Twitter account to voice his political opinions. Trump chose to blame the left for the attacks since apparently, the alt-right is a bunch of triggered snowflakes who couldn’t handle a peaceful, non-violent protest against their racist actions. He also made comments about the Founding Fathers owning slaves and asking if people would tear down their statues as well. This guy just doesn’t get it.

Source: The Hill



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