DOJ Takes a Chainsaw To First Amendment Rights In New Manual


The Trump Administration made their contempt for democratic values and institutions – particularly a free press – quite clear. Like a Reality TV dictator, President Donald Trump constantly berates the free press for having the audacity to do its job and report the fusillade of lies and absurdity that flows so effortlessly from our so-called president.

And now it seems the Department Of Justice put out a new manual that specifically cuts language about a free press.

The Department of Justice just issued a huge revision of its manual for prosecutors, and some of the new languages is more akin to 1930s Germany.

BuzzFeed compared the current version of the United States Attorneys’ Manual with versions in the Internet Archives’ Wayback Machine, and it’s night and day when it comes to how the DOJ approaches the law, or at least in the manner in which it treats legal language. Federal prosecutors use the manual, along with other lawyers.

Via BuzzFeed:

  • The subsection “Need for Free Press and Public Trial,” which has been around since 1988, has been removed. When it comes to releasing information, the language was replaced with text about balancing “the right of the public to have access to information about the Department of Justice” against other factors.
  • In the section about voting rights, there are no more references to redistricting or racial gerrymandering. That said, there are still references regarding bans on practices such as literacy tests, poll taxes, and measures that deny voting rights based on race.
  • The manual revision also cut language discouraging unnecessary charges, as well as Alford pleas, a plea in which the defendant admits innocence but accepts punishment by the state.

What could this all possibly mean when it comes to handling First Amendment issues such as a Free Press is not entirely known. But the fact remains that this White House is doing everything it can to quash free speech and tout state-sponsored propaganda in Fox News.

Featured image via BeingLibertarian.