Bordering on Treason: Don Jr.’s Meeting with Russian Lawyer Was Brokered by Putin Pal

Donald Trump Jr. and Trump Supporters

According to a bombshell report, Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer on the campaign trail hoping to obtain compromising info on Clinton. A new report shows that the meeting was brokered by one of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s family friends.

A Meeting ‘Bordering on Treason’

The New York Times reported the meeting Saturday, citing three people familiar with the matter from the White House along with two other sources. According to the report, Donald Jr., Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the then-campaign chair Paul Manafort met with a Russian attorney on June 9, shortly after Trump secured the Republican nomination.

The lawyer wanted to meet with the three Trump surrogates to complain about U.S. sanctions on Russia coming after the assassination of a jailed lawyer who was behind a corruption scandal.

However, Donald Jr. later admitted that he agreed to the meeting because the lawyer had promised to hand over damning information on his father’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. When it was clear that the Russian operative had no information, the meeting was over.

In response to the report, George W. Bush’s ethics lawyer described the encounter as “bordering on treason.” On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Rob Goldstone admitted he brokered the meeting.

Trump’s Russia Connections

Goldstone is a music publicist that works for a Russian billionaire’s son, Emin Agalarov. Both father and son are family friends with the Russian president.

Trump met the older Agalarov in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant. At the time, the two businessmen discussed the location of a Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump has been seeking to place a Trump Tower in Russia’s capital since the late 1980s. During that trip to Moscow, Trump did Agalarov a favor and starred in a music video with Emin, which helped boost his popularity internationally.
Image Source: Wikimedia