Donald Boomhauer: Tweets Scandal, the DNC, Pelosi and Schumer.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

Most of the time Trump’s tweets get us through the day. We laugh, we cry, and we wonder how in the hell our President, the Commander in Chief, is so stupid and cynically self-centered. The healthcare repeal of Obamacare, known as Trumpcare, was released earlier today. Our president obviously decided to tweet not only about the meeting, but also all about his big DEM scandal!



Way to sound like Boomhauer there Trump. That big dem dere *mumble mumble* man. Why all of a sudden are you blaming it on the DNC and Obama Administration when you’re willingly giving our cybersecurity to Russia, your committee having dinner meetings with Russian spies, and it only takes one day, one moment basically to hack a system if you have top computer hackers. Don’t try and turn the tides to make yourself look better; it’s not working. Then as you can see he decided to take a stab at Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Now we know where Kellyanne Conway gets her lack of class from. Keep digging your hole Trump, it’s only getting deeper and deeper, and soon there will be no way out.

Update: Trump has now tweeted about his involvement in the WhiteHouse tapes!

So now you’re saying there are no tapes in horrible English and also saying you have no clue if there are any, so there possibly could be? Let’s see who are we going to believe…the pathological liar who likes to tweet more than run the country or the guy who had top-level government clearance for years and protected the country? Hmm.