Trump Reckless Policy Is Deadly To Those In El Salvador

M-13 gang member

El Salvadorian officials are scrambling to find a way to keep up with the pace of deportations of violent gang members from the U.S. to El Salvador. The Trump administration has shipped back 400 members of the violent gang M-13 to their home country since the start of the year, and more are coming.

Deportations May Add to the Country’s ‘Climate of Violence’

The Central American country is “dreading” the impact of the deportations on its relatively small population. By contrast, last year, only 534 gang members were sent back home. The sudden increase along with concerns that more violent criminals may be populating the nation’s streets prompted authorities to craft new laws to monitor the gang members as soon as they arrive home.

Hector Antonio Rodriquez who leads the country’s immigration bureau voiced concern over the new influx. He explained that the country already has a “climate of violence” which could be made worse if gang members return.

A few weeks ago, Trump pledged to get the violent gang off U.S. streets “very soon.” Several U.S. cities have organized raids to capture and deport the group members.

ICE Is Very Busy with Capturing Gang Members

According to an April report, the ICE said that they detained over 1,300 gang members whom they plan to send back home. The agency noted that this is the most significant anti-gang crackdown on record. An El Salvadorian mayor underlined that the effects of such mass deportations would go unnoticed in the short run, but after six weeks or a year, hell may break loose.

It is worth noting that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency had to change its policy towards gang members virtually overnight. Under the former administration, it had to release around 600 undocumented immigrants convicted of non-violent crimes mainly because their countries wouldn’t take them back.
Image Source: Wikimedia