Electoral College Hands Trump Victory

Donald Trump making the V-for-Victory sign

On Monday, 304 members of the Electoral College cast a vote in favor of Donald Trump just like their states did securing the billionaire the presidency of the United States. Despite media rumors that 20 to 30 Republican electors pledged to protest Trump and vote for another candidate, only two dissented.

Hillary Clinton finished with 227 electoral votes after four electors defected. Ironically, in Washington, which is a traditionally blue state, four electors who pledged to vote for the Democratic candidate flipped. In Colorado, Minnesota and Maine three other electors tried to defect but their states’ election rules bound them to vote for Clinton.

It is worth noting that most electors adhered to their states’ vote despite a huge anti-Trump push from the Democratic party. Only two Republicans cast protests votes.

Republicans’ Reaction

After the electoral vote, Mike Pence congratulated Trump on Twitter and added he was both honored and humbled to serve as the country’s next vice president. Trump thanked all his “great supporters” for helping him officially win the presidency “despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media.”

The RNC urged Clinton supporters to cease the fight against Trump now that he is without a shadow of doubt the 45th President on the United States. RNC’s co-chair Sharon Day said she was glad the ‘historic election’ was finally over. She added that she eagerly awaits for Trump to assume office in January 2017.

Day urged democrats to refrain from further attempts to undermine the election for the sake of the country. She noted that Trump has secured more electoral votes than any member of his party has since 1988.

Faithless Electors

There were few ‘faithless’ electors, who cast a vote against their states’ wish. In Maine, an elector tried to steer away from Clinton and cast his vote for Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. He had to vote for Clinton after he was ruled out of order. In Minnesota, the elector who tried to defect and vote for Sanders as well was replaced. In Colorado, a Democratic elector tried to support Ohio governor John Kasich but he had to leave.

Moreover, in Washington, where Clinton won, four electors strayed from their party’s line. Three of them backed Colin Powell while a forth backed Faith Spotted Eagle a Native American who led the protests against the controversial oil pipeline in North Dakota.

Analysts noted it is the first time in 40 years that electors break from their states’ vote. Washington officials pledged to charge the four electors and fine them up to $1,000 each.

Now that Trump is officially the next U.S. president, Congress will gather for a confirmation on Jan. 6. With the electoral vote in his pocket, Trump silenced all his detractors who can now only attack him over his Cabinet picks.

Trump had just two faithless electors, both from Texas. One of them publicly said he would part ways with Trump and vote for Kasich. The second one backed Ron Paul. Democrats would have needed over 30 electors to strip Trump of his hard-won victory.
Image Source: Wikimedia