Eric Trump Attacked Journalism; Made Feud Worse

Eric Trump

Eric Trump must be upset that he was not invited to his elder brother’s secret meeting with a Russian operative on the campaign trail, but he is now back in the spotlight with a recent tweet targeting the U.S. mainstream media.

Eric Trump Takes on The Mainstream Media

On Wednesday, he read a tweet from the so-called “Trump’s de facto comms director” during the presidential campaign – David Martosko – and felt the urge to reply to it. In 2013, Martosko made the headlines after he accused a former Democratic congressman of a having an affair which was proven to be false and for posing as an animal rights activist with radical views.

When Martosko attacked Wednesday a CNN reporter for his biased reporting, the younger Trump quickly quote-tweeted his remarks. The initial tweet blasted CNN’s James Acosta for not acting like a journalist:

Eric Trump probably thought that Martosko is an expert in journalistic integrity and should be trusted. However, with a single tweet, he managed to make his father’s feud with the press even bitter:

Attacking the Media Is Very Dangerous

It is worth noting that neither Martosko or Trump brought facts to back their claims that the CNN reporter shared biased views. They simply blasted Acosta for not giving the president a pat on the back for the job he is doing.

What’s more bad mouthing an American journalist from a major news network without facts is not only against American principles, but it is also very risky. The U.S. Constitution guarantees the freedom of the press because of its vulnerability to the government overreach.
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