Fox News Host Shocks Audience After Statement About Comey Hearing

Former FBI Director James Comey

While Republicans are trying to turn a deaf ear to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Senate, with some of them repeatedly taking his words out of context, the president’s favorite news channel Fox News had to admit that the lawman’s testimony had a “very damaging” effect on the president.

Fox News Has Some Shocking Piece of News

Americans have been waiting for nearly a month to hear what the ousted FBI director had to say about the potential Russian interference in the U.S. elections and Trump’s alleged efforts to derail the probes into his associates’ ties with the Russian government.

The former FBI head has been in the hot seat for a while due to the way he handled the Hillary Clinton private email investigation, but his abrupt firing on May 9 stirred a lot of controversies.

On Thursday, Comey provided a Senate committee with many exclusive details of his meetings and other interactions with the president since Trump’s inauguration. The media is reporting on the revelations as we speak, and even Fox News had some non-partisan, but shocking news.

Comey’s Words are Very Damaging to the President

Fox News’s anchor Chris Wallace spoke about the impact of the FBI chief’s testimony on the Trump administration and concluded that the revelations are “politically very damaging.”

Wallace underlined that Comey called the Commander in Chief a liar because he had lied about the state of the FBI and that the bureau’s chief had ‘defamed’ him. Wallace also reminded his viewership that Comey decided to keep a record of the conversations with the president because he was afraid Trump might deny the content of those communications.

You can watch Wallace criticizing the president here: