Explosive Tape Reveals GOP Leaders May Be Just As Guilty As Trump

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

According to an explosive tape released by the Washington Post, shows the GOP leadership has known about Trump’s ties to the Russian president Vladimir Putin ever since the presidential campaign. But Speaker Paul Ryan, more like a mob boss than a party leader, made all other GOP leaders with knowledge of the situation to swear themselves to secrecy.

“No Leaks!”

“No leaks! This is how we know we’re a real family here,” Ryan reportedly told other Republicans when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy voiced concerns that Putin might be paying two people: Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Trump.

The tape also shows that the GOP leadership knew about the Trump-Russia connection and they were concerned about it, but just like the mafia, it wanted for all that is said in the family to stay in the family.

The disturbing conversation occurred between Ryan, McCarthy, and Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The trio acknowledged that the Russian government routinely pours money in populists’ campaigns and has a very fine-tuned propaganda machine. At one point, Ryan described the machine as “maniacal.”

The tape also revealed that the three Republicans laughed when they heard about Russia’s hacking of the DNC servers and Russia’s intelligence gathering on the Hillary Clinton camp.

Excerpt from The Washington Post’s transcript of the tape.

Ryan abruptly stopped the discussion asking the other two party leaders to swear themselves to secrecy.

The GOP’s Reaction

Initially, the GOP denied that conversation ever took place, but when they were shown the recording, Ryan’s assistant Brendan Buck tried to downplay the revelations, saying that the trio were joking.

However, it is highly unusual for somebody to swear to secrecy after hearing a joke. This can only mean that the GOP knew the candidate they were backing might have a shady connection with a hostile foreign power.
Image Source: Wikimedia