Explosive Fuse Lit: Republican Operative Is Missing Link in Trump-Russia Connection

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

According to the Wall Street Journal, Peter W. Smith was a covert Republican operative that tirelessly worked for the Trump campaign to gather damning information on Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton. The news outlet found that Smith tried to purchase Clinton’s leaked emails from Russian hackers.

Smith Worked with Flynn

In his recruitment efforts, Smith bragged that he had the full support of Trump’s senior aides including his now disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn. Smith died just ten days after speaking to the WSJ.

The Trump camp did not dismiss the link between Smith and Flynn, but they added that if the two colluded they did it in their capacity as private individuals. WSJ investigators believe the late operative may be the missing link in the Trump-Russia story.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller could use the explosive info to further the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation. The Bureau along with the CIA, NSA, and the DNI confirmed that state-sponsored Russian hackers helped Trump secure the presidency. It is unclear, though, how much the two parties collaborated with one another.

Smith’s GOP Connections

Smith, on the other hand, had other connections in the GOP establishment. For instance, he was a close friend of Newt Gingrich, who played a key role in the Trump campaign. Smith has backed Gingrich from the early days and managed to raise more than $100,000 since 1989 for the Republican’s campaign and his interests. In other words, Smith was his No.1 financial backer who made one journalist exclaim that whenever Smith talks, Gingrich listens.

Decades later, Gingrich was asked by Trump to become one of his senior advisers on the campaign trail, while Smith was trying to find Clinton’s stolen emails in a bid to further compromise her. Smith was also connected with the right-leaning news site Breitbart News which was run by the president’s chief strategist Steve Bannon.
Image Source: Wikimedia