Jimmy Fallon Calls Out Trump’s Response to Charlottesville Attack

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon

In a short monologue, comedian Jimmy Fallon denounced the president’s weak initial response to the Charlottesville attack. Trump’s initial reaction was so bad that white nationalists had a reason to brag about their leader.

Fallon Speaks Out

Trump initially failed to denounce Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other racist groups. The White House defended Trump saying that by mentioning bigotry and extremism he meant those groups too. Two days later, Trump denounced the KKK and New-Nazi, but the response came too late for many.

On Monday, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon interrupted his show to blast the President’s weak leadership. In a two-minute monologue, he summed up what happened over the weekend.

The move came as a surprise as Fallon had been blasted for a flattering interview of Trump during last year’s presidential campaign. The funnyman, however, was too frustrated with Trump’s inaction to remain silent.

He started the monologue by acknowledging that the show is not a political show.

[But] it’s my responsibility to stand up to intolerance and extremism as a human being,

The comedian added.

Leaders Should Represent People

He underlined that it is parents’ responsibility to teach kids what’s right and wrong, and it is leaders’ responsibility to represent the people living in this country. Fallon slammed Trump for taking two days to denounce racists and white supremacists in America. And even then, he ended up taking his statement back anyway.

Nevertheless, Trump did it due to public pressure. Toward the end of the monologue, Fallon called on white Americans to take a stand against the issues because ignoring it can lead to the same consequences as supporting it.

Finally, Fallon reminded everyone that one person lost her life in the Charlottesville attack, and things should not be taken lightly.
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