FBI Chief: Smells No ‘Whiff of Interference’ in Probe

President Trump in a 2016 interview

The freshly-appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray said his agency found no evidence of any “whiff of interference” by the Trump administration in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian probe.

I can say very confidently that I haven’t detected any whiff of interference with that investigation,

The FBI chief said during his first interview since taking the bureau’s helm.

Wray made the comments during the Intelligence and National Security Summit in D.C. in front of six intelligence officials and a Washington Post correspondent.

Mueller is currently leading an investigation into the alleged Russian meddling with the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign possible ties to the Kremlin. His review is also looking for evidence of obstruction of justice by the country’s commander in chief.

Mueller suspects Trump fired former FBI director James Comey over his refusal to end the probe into his then-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Wray Trusts the U.S. Intel Community’s Conclusion About Russia

On Thursday, Wray also said that he fully trusts the report from the intelligence community earlier this year that found the Russian government interfered in the U.S. election. He also asked Congress to extend Section 702 which enables the National Security Agency to spy on the communications between U.S. residents and foreign nationals located outside the country without a warrant.

The head of the NSA, Mike Rogers, told Wray that he had lobbied the Trump administration and Vice President Pence about that piece of legislation. The section expires in December.

Wray took office in August, filling a position left empty by James Comey in May. Many of Trump’s critics believe the president dismissed Comey to undermine the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Wray said Thursday he has “enormous respect” for his predecessor. In 2005, he left his position of assistant attorney general in the DOJ’s criminal unit, a role that enabled them to have close contacts with Comey and the FBI.

For me, it took me about 10 seconds of walking back into the FBI building to remember how much I had missed it,

He said Thursday.
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