Fitbit Launches New Sleep Schedule Feature


When people talk about deciding to live healthier, the things they probably think about first are eating better, going to the gym, power of will, and discipline.

However, checking their sleeping habits is often jut an afterthought, even though various studies and research pieces have already established that sleeping well is a crucial aspect of one’s health.

Fitbit has already made a name for itself in the fitness industry, and now it added a new Sleep Schedule feature to its devices so you can have more assistance with your health and overall wellbeing.

To check out the new feature – which is already available via the Fitbit app on all devices that track sleep – make sure the app is up to date with the latest release.

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But Fitbit does more than just track your sleep; the app can also help you reach a more consistent and rest-giving sleeping pattern, which actually plays a key role in waking up better and keeping healthy over time.

With the new Sleep Schedule feature, users can set up customized sleep goals based on the pattern and data that was tracked on the device previously. Fitbit will recommend the optimal amount of sleep that you need every night so you can improve your sleep health and become a better functioning human being.

Keeping an eye out on sleep consistency is also important, something that you can establish with personalized bedtime and wake-up goals. But the sleep schedule can also be set based on your own schedule and according to personal preferences.

The app will also send notifications on your smartphone to help you stay on you sleeping schedule, in addition to a silent wake alarm on your Fitbit device. If you want to track your progress, the app will show you a sleeping chart; if you are unsatisfied with how much better you’re sleeping, the app allows you to adjust accordingly.

Fitbit announced that more sleep-related features will be developed for the fitness trackers, something for which Fitbit is consulting actual sleep experts, such as Drs. Allison Siebern at Stanford University, Michael Grandner at the University of Arizona, and Michael Smith at Johns Hopkins University.

The sleep schedule feature should be up and running on your Fitbit app as soon as you update it.
Image Source: Mac World