FLOTUS Took A Massive Swipe At Free Speech


It seems like everything is under attack! Our AG went on TV last night to say that “The border is not open if you cross you will be arrested.” Now, freedom of speech seems to be the next thing on the Trump agenda.
It was announced on Wednesday that Melania Trump won her lawsuit against the Daily Mail and they were forced to pay out $2.9 million (because she really needs it) and publicly apologize. CNN reports:

The Mail article questioned the nature of the work undertaken by Trump in the 1990s, and republished allegations that she provided services beyond simply modeling.
Trump also filed suit against the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. The agreement disclosed Wednesday settles all her claims against the publication relating to the retracted article.
The Daily Mail is a tabloid newspaper in Britain, but it also publishes a digital version with significant readership in the United States.
It has previously paid damages to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and the musician Elton John after making false claims.
In February, Wikipedia barred citations of the Daily Mail after editors of the online encyclopedia concluded that the tabloid is “generally unreliable.”

Even though the Daily Mail has had issues, this is now one chip taken away from our freedom of speech. The Administration has continually gone after the media, but until now it was verbal. Now, the Administration has won the suit; I’m sure their attacks will continue. It may only be a lawsuit now but, how long before members of the press are arrested for speaking out against the president.

Source: CNN