Flynn Just Declined Another Senate Request

Former National security adviser Michael Flynn

Trump’s first national security adviser Michael Flynn declined a new request from the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify as a witness before the panel. CNN was first informed of the refusal on Tuesday.

It is not the first time the former White House official has refused a subpoena. He did it in May too, invoking the Fifth Amendment.

Flynn was ousted from the White House amid reports that he had kept a discussion with a Russian operative secret during the transition period. In December, Flynn reportedly assured the Russian envoy to Washington that the Obama-era sanctions on Russia would be lifted as soon as Trump took office.

Flynn’s attorney declined to offer comment in connection to the story.

Flynn Seeking Immunity

However, Flynn had agreed to testify before the Senate panel and the House Intelligence Committee in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Congressmen refused the deal.

The two committees are conducting separate investigations into Russia’s alleged meddling with the U.S. election last year. The probes are also focused on the Trump campaign ties to Moscow.

The House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Flynn as well, but with no success. Earlier this year, the House panel tried to force the retired general to hand over his business records in an effort to spot any financial connections to Russia. Since then, the committee hasn’t issued any new subpoenas for testimony or documents.

In June, Flynn agreed to give the Senate Intelligence Committee a 600-page document that included business records, citing a “narrowed request” from the panel. Before that, the SIC had sent Flynn two subpoenas that targeted his businesses, which are not protected by the Fifth Amendment.

Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr said that, under no circumstances, will the former national security adviser get his wish for immunity.
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