For The Bible Tells Me So? Reproductive Rights Are Under Attack


Ladies. If you’ve ever used a birth control pill, an IUD, hormone shots, or any method of birth control that requires a doctor’s visit, Trump is planning to rip all of that away from you.

Under a new rule being considered by Trump and his administration, companies can legally deny you of coverage for your birth control products, all under the name of religious liberty. That’s right; the United States government has once again ignored the Constitutional amendment to separate church and state to fuel the patriarchal nature of our government and give a big middle finger to women ages 12 to 55.

If you are working for a company that decides to follow this new amendment, women employed by that company will have to pay for their contraception out of pocket, costing up to $50 per week. It is a decision that each company will make in regards to their female employees.

Just to make sure you have everything straight, Trump is telling your boss, whoever he or she may be, that they can take away your right to contraception. It does not matter why you use birth control, be it for avoiding pregnancy, polycystic ovarian syndrome, severe cramps or bleeding, or nausea: they will take it away from you if they want to because Trump said so.

Trump is hell bent on defending corporations on their religious beliefs. Businesses are benefitting massively from his presidency, and he knows that. He is running our nation as if it were a business. We need to tell him that is not okay.