CIA Officer Plans to Buy Twitter Just To Do This To Trump

Twitter banner

Former CIA officer Plame Wilson started a crowdfunding campaign to buy Twitter for the sole purpose of taking down Trump’s account. The former CIA operative hopes to raise as much as $1 billion dollars to buy a large enough stake in the microblogging company that would enable her to vote Trump out of his favorite social media platform.

Campaign Needs $1BN to Silence Trump

The GoFundMe Fundraiser was started on Aug. 16 and has so far raised $58,881. If Wilson succeeds in buying the majority stake in Twitter, she plans to shut down the @realDonaldTrump account.

She is concerned that the platform enables the president to speak his mind without a second thought which could prove extremely dangerous not only to the U.S. but the world as well. The man who has the nuclear codes recently threatened North Korea with nuclear war if the reclusive state didn’t end its ballistic missile tests.

Despite Trump’s reckless behavior toward other users, Twitter hasn’t punished the President when he violated its End User Agreement.

Wilson said that even if she fails to purchase a majority share, she plans to attend the shareholders’ meeting and push for the banishment of the account in person. If the campaign is unsuccessful, she pledged to donate all the funds to Global Zero, a group that fights against nuclear proliferation.

The 1st Amendment Issue

Conservatives were quick to criticize the campaign for violating Trump’s First Amendment rights. However, the Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech to citizens against the government’s transgressions. It does not protect citizens against private entities like Twitter. For instance, a private website can disable its comment section without violating their readers’ First Amendment rights.

On the other hand, Trump blocking his critics on Twitter led to multiple lawsuits as plaintiffs argue that their freedom of speech had been violated by a government official.

Image Source: Flickr