Fowl Play Roosting on the White House Lawn

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

Winner, winner chicken dinner! We’ve seen some crazy things so far during Trump’s presidency, but so far, this takes the cake. There’s a giant chicken in front of the White House.

Trump Chicken

The giant inflatable chicken has Trump’s hair, and it is glorious. The chicken is known as “Trump Chicken” or “Chicken Don” and is standing on the Ellipse. The Ellipse is between the White House south lawn and the Washington Monument. The greatest part? It’s in perfect view for the press and news cameras to capture it.

Who Put It There?

An inflatable chicken mimicking US President Donald Trump is set up on The Ellipse, a 52-acre (21-hectare) park located just south of the White House and north of the Washington Monument (rear). / AFP PHOTO / Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Chicken Don was placed there by documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar to protest Trump’s presidency. Brar says Trump is “being a weak and ineffective leader.” In an interview with Huffington Post, he added that “He’s too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin, and he’s playing chicken with North Korea.” Brar obtained the necessary permits and permissions to hoist the cute chicken. “The tallest thing they usually allow on the Ellipse is the national Christmas tree,” Brar told USA Today. “They gave me a waiver for the 30-foot Chicken Don.”

It took Brar 5 months to procure everything and he was saddened that Trump is on vacation during its presence. “I felt a little bit bummed,” he said. “And then I realized it’s actually better, because the [symbolism] works and the Secret Service won’t be as jumpy.”The chicken made its first appearance during the Tax March in April and cost Brar $1,500. He set up a GoFundMe page to fund the project.

Source: Huffington Post