This Fox Host Just Demanded Obama’s Arrest

Dobbs Obama

While ex-presidents usually avoid criticizing their successors, they do have free speech. So if President Obama wants to slam Donald Trump, he can do so.

Unless, of course, the United States has become an authoritarian state ruled by a tyrant.

And that’s apparently what Fox Business host Lou Dobbs thinks since he called for arresting President Obama because he criticized Trump’s Twitter usage during a leadership summit in India.

On Friday, Obama spoke about using social media and took a shot at Trump’s recent Twitter rampage without even saying his name.

“Michelle was giving the general idea… that don’t say the first thing that pops in your head,” Obama said. “Have a little bit of an edit function… think before you speak, think before you tweet.”

Obama also suggested that Trump seek advice about using Twitter from someone younger than him like his son Barron.

“I have an excellent focus group in my daughters since they are the generation who are on their phones, and whenever there is a new app, they have to explain it to me,” Obama explained. “So I am able to watch and keep up in how it is being used and absorbed.”

And yes, these remarks were enough to cause Lou Dobbs to throw a temper tantrum.

Dobbs accused Obama of intentionally “shadowing” Trump’s recent overseas trip to humiliate him.

“I think U.S. Marshals should follow him, and any time he wants to go follow the President like he is, and behave…” Doobs ranted before stopping himself and continuing. “I mean, this is just bad manners. It’s boorish, and it’s absurd, and he doesn’t realize how foolish he looks. I mean, he should be brought back by the Marshals. Isn’t there some law that says presidents shouldn’t be attacking sitting presidents?”

A Fox News host just demanded that Obama be arrested by U.S. Marshals for exercising his freedom of speech.

Dobbs’ guest Steve Forbes had to inform him that no such law exists.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Calling for the arrest of a former president simply for having an opinion about the current so-called “president” is a new low. It’s also hypocritical considering Trump colluded with Russia, which is a real crime.

Also, Trump frequently attacks Obama on Twitter and in speeches, which is something that sitting presidents usually don’t do. But you won’t hear Dobbs calling for Trump’s arrest.