Fox News Host Uses Ridiculous Racially Charged Title To Describe Antifa

Black Panthers

Fox News has been busy defending the President against the tidal wave of criticism in the last few weeks. But now they use a new strategy when Trump’s actions are truly indefensible. They decide to bring up another topic to show that Democrats are just as bad.

Fox News Has New Tactics

On Monday morning, Fox used the tactics during a discussion about the violent protests at Berkeley. Fox News hosts were upset that the “leftists” who attended the rally were not condemned by the media. The Foxies were talking about the anti-fascist group Antifa.

However, that organization has nothing to do with the Democratic Party. They do not endorse Democrats, campaign on their behalf, or vote for Democrats. By contrast, the alt-right and the KKK support Republicans, and they publicly celebrate their victories. Some alt-right have even run for public office as GOP candidates.

Trump should have distanced himself from a group of extremists even if they support him and his policies and he failed to do so. On the other hand, Democrats don’t have to distance themselves from a group that is not tied to them in any way.

Fox News Crusade Against Antifa

Nevertheless, Fox News tirelessly tries to associate Antifa with the Democratic movement. On Monday, they even likened the far-left group to the “New Black Panthers.” The GOP pundit Lisa Boothe noted that the violence in this country is getting “way out of hand” and hate groups should be marginalized.

Unfortunately, we’re not seeing that same rebuke of groups like Antifa,

Boothe said.

Guess maybe you should be looking at your crazy supporters first. She added that no Democratic leader spoke out against the group and their violent acts. The analyst urged Congresswoman Barbara Lee and former House speaker Nancy Pelosi to intervene and condemn the violence. Hey, they’re just defending themselves, the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s started it.

Boothe also suggested that the media has propped up the anti-Nazi group, which is partially true. If the media stopped talking about Antifa, they would be marginalized by default.

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