Fox News Cuts Segment Short When Guest Says ‘Trump Has No Morality’ (Video)


Bless their little hearts, Republicans who support President Trump will gladly tie themselves in knots to defend their indefensible Donnie. Then again, so will the paid shills at Fox News.

On Fox & Friends Tuesday, GOP spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany was only too happy to provide cover for Trump during a discussion of Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels, who told her side of the story Sunday on 60 Minutes. McEnany began by blaming the media:

“The media’s goal is to distract and destroy. If it’s not Stormy Daniels, it’s Russia collusion or the dossier — funded by Democrats. Their goal is to take down this president and distract from all his successes.”

Fox contributor Jessica Tarlov wasn’t about to let Trump off that easily, reminding McEnany that the Daniels story is “about hush money and intimidation.”

That made McEnany apoplectic:

“These accusations are ridiculous! This individual — this woman said she signed false statements. She said that she told a mistruth to the public. She said she didn’t want her kids to find out and yet she’s out doing a huge 60 Minutes interview. She has no credibility.”

Tarlov mentioned the hypocrisy of Republicans who attacked former President Bill Clinton for his affairs but willingly give Trump a pass for his:

“They already know who this man is. They heard the Access Hollywood tape, they know that he has cheated on two — I guess three now of his wives allegedly. That know that he is that man and they are okay with it because they say they need a leader, not a preacher.

“But I think it is a worthwhile story to cover. If there was hush money paid and if there was intimidation and threats.”

Later in the debate, McEnany tried to recover momentum and argued:

“People can’t stand that this president is succeeding, so they have to manufacture stories and put them all over the mainstream media.”

Tarlov was more than ready for that line, and she shut down the GOP shill with this:

“No, people can’t stand that the president has no morality, that is very different.”

No sooner had the words left Tarlov’s mouth than the host, Ainsley Earhardt, ended the segment. Guess Fox isn’t too fond of hearing the truth when it comes to their political savior.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab