Fox News Ditches ‘Fair and Balanced’ Slogan

Fox News headquarters

After losing their co-founder Roger Ailes, prime-star Bill O’Reilly, and several other Foxies that left the network, Fox News is ditching their old marketing slogan “Fair and Balanced” to replace it with the “Most Watched. Most Trusted.”

An Easily-Ridiculed Slogan

The now-gone slogan was a marketing scheme to lure in new viewers by indirectly accusing other news networks of being biased. The decision to abandon the slogan was made last summer shortly after Ailes’ resignation, people familiar with the matter said. Sources say Fox News wants to revamp the slogan because it is easily mocked.

On the other hand, there may be other reasons for abandoning an iconic element that served the network so well. Fox News may be in the process of cutting ties with corrupt management and everything that reminds people of the disgraced leadership.

Nationwide, Fox News emblems are being ridiculed or thrown to the dustbin. For instance, Ohio University decided to end the Roger Ailes scholarship because of his association with the sexual harassment scandals.

New Slogan Expected to Boost Ratings

Other former Foxies have left a similar sad legacy. For instance, Megyn Kelly, who migrated from Fox to NBC News, had a slow debut. Just one month into her new role, two of her interviews drew a lot of criticism. Her interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin had an icy reception in America because she failed to grill the foreign leader on the allegations that his country interfered with the 2016 election. Plus, an interview with conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones turned the entire media against her.

Fox News’ new slogan “Most Watched. Most Trusted” is also designed to revive their ratings. MSNBC is already crushing the conservative network in primetime, with Rachel Maddow stealing the spotlight among the most valued viewer demographic by advertisers.