Fox News Host Gets Her A*s Handed To Her For Saying Trump Didn’t Collude With Russia (Video)


If there’s a home for what President Donald Trump loves to call “fake news,” it’s got to be Fox News, where the word “news” is clearly used with a wink and nod, even though their devoted viewers don’t even realize the joke’s on them.

On the Fox program Outnumbered Tuesday, the discussion was all about the leaked questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller plans to ask Trump if the president ever gets up the gumption to appear for a formal interview, which seems increasingly unlikely.

Fox host Katie Pavlitch kicked off the debate by suggesting the list of 40+ questions might not even be real:

“I’m very skeptical about anything that comes out of the special counsel. You now see how this probe has gone from collusion allegedly, to obstruction of justice and there are questions about what other kinds of rabbit holes they are going to go down.”

Jessica Tarlov, who serves as a contributor to Fox, then dissected Pavlitch using every right-winger’s worst enemy: Facts. Tarlov commented:

“I disagree with you. First of all, we are leaving out the role of George Papadopoulos in all of this, and this did take off in the summer of 2016.  As for who leaked it, I was listening to an analyst who used to work with Bob Mueller who said the way that the questions were written and were copies from someone who listening in on the conversation.

“Within the questions, you do have obstruction of justice, you do have collusion questions at the very least.”

Asked “where?” the collusion questions were, Tarlov again fired back with concrete proof, mentioning Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and campaign adviser Papadopoulos again, adding:

“You’re acting as if the questions have nothing to do with the probe.”

When former Utah GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz spoke it was (surprise!) to defend Trump:

“The president has the Constitutional authority to do all of this. He is the Constitutional leader of the executive branch!”

But Tarlov left the dumbfounded panel totally silent when she reminded them:

“The probe is about three things: collusion, financial crimes, and obstruction of justice. And two of these are covered in these questions.”

Just like Donald Trump, Fox wrote the book on fake news and propaganda.

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