Fox News: Says ‘National Uproar’ Will Happen If Indicted

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News

Trump’s favorite morning talk show, Fox and Friends, fear-mongers that the indictment of one of the Trumps by Special Counsel Robert Mueller could trigger a national uproar.

An ‘Uprising’ Is Coming

The idea was touted by Judge Jeanine Pirro who happens to host “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Fox. Even though encouraging viewers on national tv to protest could be considered an incitement to riot, Trump retweeted the segment to his fans.

 If they end up with an indictment against a family member just to get at Donald Trump […], there’s gonna be a real uproar – a real uprising in this country,

Judge Pirro told a panel of Foxies.

However, the judge’s statement can only encourage Trump’s most fanatic fans to take to the streets to voice opposition. Pirro is also echoing Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail. When Trump was asked what would happen if he lost the GOP nomination, he replied: “I think you’d have riots.”

Furthermore, Pirro indirectly rules out the possibility of an indictment against Trump himself and discusses only the scenario of an indictment targeting Trump’s family. The president, however, can be the target of prosecution, so Pirro’s attempt to deflect is quite obvious.

Trump Could Be Targeted As Well

What’s more, saying that Mueller would get a Trump family member because he cannot get to Trump is not correct. Trump’s conflicts of interests have made headlines for months. His administration keeps feeding us with alternative facts, and attempts of obstruction of justice within the administration are not rare.

After saying that an indictment could lead to an uprising, Pirro should have explained why that would be so wrong in a bid to mitigate it. From a judge, we would expect to ask people to remain calm and let the justice system do its job.