They Shoot, They Fail: Fox News Tries to Rescue Trump

Fox and Friends co-host Abby Huntsman

Fox News is at it again, trying to defend the indefensible. The President’s favorite cable news network’s latest mission was to protect Trump from the fallout from his press conference defending the KKK and other racist groups this Tuesday.

His comments have been widely criticized by lawmakers from across the political spectrum. Even Washington Republicans distanced themselves from Trump’s views after his controversial comments.

According to new polling, more Americans believe Trump is a white nationalist backer than believing he is not. But despite the numbers, Fox News insists on defending the President with every show they air. For example, Fox & Friends co-host Abby Huntsman had as guests a Johns Hopkins professor and a political pundit. Huntsman was obviously instructed to white-wash Trump’s latest remarks.

The professor expressed her outrage over the killing of a female protester by a Neo-Nazi “on U.S. soil” and the U.S. president remaining silent. Other protesters were beaten by Neo-Nazis, and Trump failed initially to condemn them.

Huntsman quickly steered the discussion back to a topic that worked on Trump’s advantage. She asked the pundit if he agreed with what the professor just said if we take into account that both sides have their good people, and the alt-right protesters were there to stop the removal of a historical monument in their city.

Huntsman underlined that a nation cannot learn from its mistakes if we tear down statues, like the one of General Robert E. Lee. Huntsman’s views are in line with the White House, which said that both sides were to blame for the death of the Virginia woman and that both sides had their good and bad people. The pundit, however, refused to defend Trump. He thinks the president “betrayed” the moral fabric of our nation when he said that not all protesters were Neo-Nazis.

You can watch the full exchange here:



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