Teacher, Teacher Fox News Lied!: ‘Corrects’ Their Comey Story

Former FBI Director James Comey

In a rare occurrence, Fox News made a public correction for a story in which they claimed that former FBI Director James Comey’s memos leaked to the press contained “top secret information.”

Fox News’ Comey Story

Fox News made the correction Tuesday morning on the president’s favorite morning talk show Fox & Friends. A day before, Steve Doocy and his colleagues discussed a report by The Hill about Comey’s memos that documented his every interaction with President Donald Trump.

The Hill’s sources said that the memos were “retroactively” labeled as “secret” or “confidential.” However, Fox & Friends exaggerated the report saying that Comey put the national security at risk when he “leaked” the memos containing “top secret” information.

Truth to be told, no part of the data in those memos was “top secret.” The info was indeed classified, but at lower levels. Besides, The Hill never said that Comey made classified information public. As a result, he did not put at risk the national security.

The Correction

On Tuesday, Doocy corrected the report, saying that he and his colleagues “were mistaken in that [Comey story].” Fox News acknowledged that the information was classified as “confidential” and “secret,” not “top secret.”

“Markings of the documents in which Mr. Comey leaked are, at this point, unclear. Just wanted to straighten that out,”

Doocy added.

Fox News’ public correction is accurate, but not complete. For instance, the former FBI chief did not “leak” those memos; he made public his recollections of his meetings with Trump, just like in a political memoir, which he promised to publish sometime.

Also, Comey’s friend who gave the memos to the press confirmed the documents did not include any classified info.