Fox Is Out of Control! Post Makes Shocking Claim of What Anti-Trump States Should Do

Anti-Trump protest

Quoting an alt-right news outlet, Fox News recently said states with profound anti-Trump views such as California and Massachusetts should secede. The president’s favorite news channel’s remarks come amid a nationwide outcry for Trump’s impeachment.

Why suffer to live among a Trump nation? Massachusetts, California: Just take your anti-Trump campaigns and go. Don’t look back; don’t let the door hit you,

reads a Washington Times article quoted by Fox News.

States Hit by ‘Anti-Trumpness’ Should Secede

The latest city to join the national anti-Trump movement is Brookline, Massachusetts, which just like other a dozen municipalities asks Congress to see whether Trump infringed the federal ethics rules barring public officials from abusing their position to line their pockets.

Los Angeles is also urging the nation’s top lawmakers to start hearings, while the reasons for an impeachment are growing exponentially. Espionage and obstruction of justice were recently added to the list.

On its community website, Fox News posted a link to an article dubbed “Massachusetts, California, Take Your Anti-Trumpness and Secede,” which defends Trump and asks states displeased by his policies to break away from the U.S.A.

California, Massachusetts Leading the Technological Change

The Washington Times author who wrote the piece, Cheryl K. Chumley, mocks Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The article said that they should be the king and queen of the independent states, while their “subjects” could “grow their food and stitch together clothing items from oak tree leaves and orange peels” while bashing Trump.

Nevertheless, Chumley’s description of the two states is juvenile. California and Massachusetts are not comprised only of nature-loving liberals who don’t want to have anything to do with technological progress. The two states are in fact, from a technological point of view, the most advanced states in the union. For instance, Massachusetts hosts the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, while California is home to Silicon Valley. So, the loss of these states would be a disaster for the U.S. as a whole.
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