Double Fail: Fox News Can’t Even Defend Trump On This One

Donald Trump at the 2011 CPAC

Fox News must have realized some of Trump’s actions are so indefensible that one needs to use double standards to defend Trump. This was the case with the president’s recent “fire and fury” threat to North Korea, which pushed the world into a nuclear crisis.

Fox News Calls for Double Standard

On Thursday morning, Foxies wanted to know if the press uses a double standard when they blast Trump for his controversial rhetoric. Fox News anchor Jon Scott was puzzled about everyone losing their minds over Trump’s threats while not paying much attention to Kim Jong Un’s similar rhetoric.

In other words, Scott calls for equal treatment of Trump and the North Korean dictator. However, the U.S. should not have sunk to Kim Jong Un’s level as the leader of the free world.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pointed out that “crazy” Kim Jong Un is a pariah for nearly the entire world. So, it is not sound to ask for him to be judged by the standard we use to judge Trump.

I certainly hope we’re not judging Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un by the same standards,

Wallace said.

Trump Is a ‘Tough’ President

His vision is more coherent than Scott’s since lowering our diplomacy to the level of a third world dictator is not the way to go. On the other hand, Trump’s Secretary of State admitted that the president is using language on Kim Jong Un’s understanding.

While we should give Wallace some credit for successfully dismissing the need for a double standard in the U.S. press, his next remarks were quite controversial. He believes that the president’s ‘fire and fury’ speech was proof Trump was a “tough” president with a “stern message” for the North Koreans.

On the other hand, sixty congressmen will staunchly disagree with Wallace as they now call for Trump’s warmongering to stop. In Congress, the president’s rhetoric has often been labeled as “counterproductive” and “inflammatory.”
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