Fox News Dilemma: ‘Fake News” or Russian Threat?

Fox and Friends

On Monday morning, Fox & Friends had a dilemma to solve – which is more dangerous to America: the ‘fake news’ phenomenon or the Russian threat? In other words, Fox News is concerned by foreign threats to America, but not those one may expect such as a North Korean dictator threatening to nuke America out of existence or hostile governments interfering in our elections.

Fake News Destroying the West

They’re concerned about the ‘fake news’ spread by the mainstream media since, in their view, they are of a far greater concern than Russia’s President Vladimir Putin hiring hackers to hijack a country’s democratic elections.

Fox & Friends’ co-host Steve Doocy asked the question Monday in a segment featuring conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager, who had tweeted that the President was right and the mainstream media remains America’s greatest foe.

When Doocy asked Prager what’s a greater threat to America, Prager replied that Putin is not a real threat to the Western civilizations. He couldn’t grasp why his tweet became so controversial overnight. He noted that it is not Putin who removes American flags from the nation’s campuses, it is American students.

All of the things happening in the West to undo Western civilization have nothing to do with Putin,

Prager said.

U.S. Media No Longer Delivering News

He expressed regret that he didn’t write in the tweet that America’s universities and the Western press put the Western civilization at risk more than Putin does. Prager also complained that 50% of the Millennial generation is now convinced that socialism is better than capitalism. He thinks that this state of mind is the result of the misinformation taught in universities and promoted by the media.

Pager also accused the U.S. media of morphing from news media into opinion media, even though people think that it is news they’re watching or reading. “That is extremely dangerous,” he warned.