Franken Makes A Stunning Claim About Russia Investigation

Al Franken

During an interview with David Letterman, the Associated Press is reporting that Franken said all evidence is pointing that Trump and Russia had direct contact. The AP reports:

“My feeling is that there was some cooperation between the Trump campaign and the Russians. I think everything points to that,” Franken told former late-night host David Letterman during a discussion about Franken’s new book. ranken, pointing to the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller special counsel to lead the investigation into Trump’s Russia ties, did not provide evidence to support his accusation, the AP reported.
“They just haven’t been acting like people who have nothing to hide,” Franken added.

Franken, who rose to prominence as a writer and comedian on “Saturday Night Live,” made a joint appearance with Letterman to discuss Franken’s new memoir about his time in the Senate.

The Democratic senator has repeatedly denied plans to run for president in 2020, saying instead that he plans to run for a third term in the upper chamber.

“I see myself running for re-election in 2020,” he told Letterman.

Franken comments come in the wake of the scandal around the backchannel line of communication that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was planning to set up for the Russians, Sen. Al Franken agrees with other Democrats that now call for a review of Kushner’s security clearance.

‘We Should Look at That’

Franken backs the move because many people in the Trump administration don’t look like people that could be trusted. When a CBS reporter asked him if there should be a review of the embattled advisor’s security clearance, Franken replied:

I think we should look at that, this is a pretty bad breach. Look, they — these guys, the administration, they’re not acting like people who have nothing to hide.

However, Franken is not the first Democrat to publicly express his concern over allowing Kushner to maintain clearance. Days after the scandal about the secret line of communication with Moscow, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, said there should be a review of the senior adviser’s security clearance.

However, neither Schiff nor Franken want Kushner to be stripped of the security clearance. They only advocate for a review.

Kushner and Ivanka a Growing Problem for Trump

President Trump recently said he has “full confidence” in his son-in-law, and pushed back on accusations that he colluded with the Russians during the transition period, saying the claims are “fake news.”

When a reporter asked Franken if he believes Ivanka Trump and Kushner are a power couple that influences the White House policies, the Democrat replied that he thinks they are less of a “moderating force” and more like a big problem for Trump.

The report that Kushner talked with the Russians to set a backchannel for communication by using the Russian communications equipment for Trump, his aides, and Putin to secretly communicate worries, Franken. Just like many in Washington, he wants to know what Trump knew and when Kushner revealed the plan to him.
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