This General Said Trump Just Put Entire World At Risk

Donald Trump angry

On Tuesday, Trump interrupted his vacation to threaten North Korea with a nuclear attack in front of the cameras. Retired four-star general General Barry McCaffrey blasted Trump for having an “incoherent world view” and committing a blunder with the threat.

Trump Went Rogue

Trump threatened North Korea after reports that the reclusive state successfully developed a miniaturized nuclear war head it plans to use on the U.S. “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States […] They will be met with fire, fury,” Trump said.

However, threatening someone should be made in private, not in public, McCaffrey thinks. Plus, one should be prepared to follow through with what he threatened to do. So, Trump just made a nuclear threat which could put the entire world in jeopardy.

The sad part is that he did it without consulting his generals and advisers first. McCaffrey noted that the president went rogue on this one. In response to the threat, North Korea threatened to attack a U.S. air base in the Pacific.

Trump’s Generals Should Have Been Consulted

The general underlined that the statement was not the result of a top secret phone call between Trump and his advisers. He should have consulted with U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, United States Secretary of Defense retired General James Mattis, and Chief of Staff retired General John Kelly before speaking.

McCaffrey pointed out that these generals have experience and are stable, but unfortunately, “they are dealing with a president with an incoherent worldview.” And lacking coherence could throw the entire world into chaos.

McCaffrey also noted that never, in his experience, has a leader of a free country made such “blustering” statements including nuclear threats. In other words, our president acted like a third world dictator this time, which is “unprecedented” for the U.S.
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