Trump Praises Gingrich’s Heated Exchange with Kelly on Live TV

Newt Gingrich

On Wednesday, Donald Trump praised former House speaker Newt Gingrich for his live performance on The Kelly File. In the interview, Gingrich told Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that she has a fascination with sex. In response, Kelly said he had anger management issues.

Trump described Tuesday’s appearance as an “amazing interview,” adding that “we don’t play games.” Newt told journalists that the exchange was just “the business.” The presidential candidate made the remarks during the dedication of a new hotel when he spotted Gingrich in the crowd.

Tuesday’s Exchange

Kelly interviewed the former U.S. representative as a Trump surrogate on Tuesday. But the interview caught heat when Kelly brought up Trump’s lewd comments on women. The Fox News anchor wanted to know whether allegations that the Republican candidate groped and forcefully kissed women were true.

Instead of a reply, Gingrich accused her of being “fascinated with sex.” A shocked Kelly asked “Me? Really?,” but Gingrich didn’t let her finish the next sentence.

When she suggested Trump was a “sexual predator” her guest accused her of taking sides and just slapping a label on the candidate. The anchor told him she was not, “unlike [him].” In response, the Trump aide asked her why she was not just as interested in former President Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct.

Kelly dodged the question saying that she had covered the issue in past editions. Plus, she added that Mr. Clinton was not currently running for the U.S. presidency, unlike Trump. But Gingrich was adamant. He insisted on wanting to hear her say that Bill Clinton was a “sexual predator.”

“I dare you. Say ‘Bill Clinton, sexual predator,'”

the guest taunted Kelly, who ignored him.

After more similar verbal exchanges, Kelly concluded she must close the segment as the Trump surrogate needs more time to solve his “anger issues.” The video sparked a social media maelstrom, with some commenters praising Gingrich and others criticizing Kelly.

CNN’s Cooper Defends Kelly

Trump did not tweet anything about the exchange that night but his camp said the next day that the interview was solid proof the Fox News reporter is biased against Trump. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper defended Kelly Wednesday, accusing Trump surrogate of hypocrisy. He noted that Gingrich has no moral authority to accuse someone else of being “fascinated with sex.”

Gingrich had his share of affairs during his first two marriages. He was also in the midst of an extramarital affair the very moment he impeached Bill Clinton, Cooper noted. The CNN host added that the whole situation was a “particularly ironic thing.” But one of his guests, Ana Navarro, corrected him saying the word would be “hypocritical.”

Nevertheless, Trump and Kelly have clashed several times in the past. In August, the feud peaked when Kelly asked the Republican nominee why he had called women “fat pigs” and “slobs” in the past. Trump fend off the question. But later he said he had “zero respect” for Kelly for not doing a good job.

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