GOP Candidate Loses Party Support after Vulgar Drunken Video Surfaces

New Jersey Republican Brian McDowell

GOP candidate Brian McDowell, who happens to be also a former contestant on ‘The Apprentice,’ lost his party’s support lightning fast after a video showing him drunk and making vulgar remarks at a woman surfaced online. His reaction?

There are human errors and even Jesus dropped the cross three times. I’m not running to be the Pope. I’m running to make New Jersey more affordable,

McDowell told reporters.

McDowell Loses GOP Support

He was running for the New Jersey General Assembly when the vulgarity-laced clip rattled his campaign. The short video shows him hitting on a woman in a local bar, telling her: “You should f*ck me. It would really be good. Listen, you never know.”

The Cape May GOP withdrew their support of the candidate the moment they saw the video. However, it is not the first time; the New Jersey GOP makes a poor choice in backing a candidate. In 2015, Republicans lent support to Anthony Cappola, who ran in the state’s most competitive district- District 38.

When the media found that Cappola was the author of a book packed with slurs, stereotypes, and rants, the GOP turned its back on him. Initially, Cappola wanted to abandon the race, but when he learned that his name would still feature on the ballot, he decided to stay.

McDowell, however, has no intention of dropping out. He told the press that the video popped up online after the GOP county chair Mark Karavan received two mystery letters referencing to the candidate’s past.

According to a local newspaper, even though the party dropped him and removed him from the ballot, he is determined to keep running in the District 1 race. He probably relies on the Cumberland County GOP, which didn’t yank support. Also, the Republican party in Atlantic City still supports him, even though they only consist of three small towns.

McDowell’s ‘Potentially Damaging’ Tape about Trump

It is not the first time the disruptive candidate lands in the news. Last fall, he said he had compromising footage about Trump, following the leak of the billionaire’s lewd comments about women from 2005. At the time Trump was bragging about groping women, the NJ candidate was a contestant on “The Apprentice.”

He said he wanted revenge because the real estate tycoon ‘fired’ him during the show’s second episode, But because he wanted Trump to win he refused to release the recordings. Then, he told reporters that many of his friends couldn’t grasp how he could be supporting Trump after being fired from the reality show which McDowell saw it as a “fraternity.” He told his friends that Trump campaign ‘mattered’ to him; otherwise, he wouldn’t be involved in it.

He added that he sees Trump as another Dwight Eisenhower, Roosevelt, or any other great man that built the country. And because he didn’t want to see the billionaire lose, he declined to publish the ‘potentially damaging’ audio tape.