GOP Congressional Candidate Caught On Tape: Terror Attack Will Help Me Win Primary


Unless you live in South Dakota, chances are pretty good you’ve never heard of Neal Tapio. He’s currently a GOP state senator seeking to get a promotion to the U.S. House of Representatives if he can manage to win the upcoming Republican primary in the Mount Rushmore State.

But Tapio’s dreams of being a member of Congress have just taken a major hit thanks to a tape obtained by the Huffington Post in which Tapio is heard almost praying for a terror attack to boost his chances.

On the tape, Tapio comments:

“I can start in a little town like Aberdeen outside of the media glare. I can move it to Watertown, practice a little more, and then by the time I get to Sioux Falls, I will have said this thousands of times. And then Dusty is just going to be so far behind, that they won’t even realize we are running for the same race. And then all that has to happen is that there will be one more terrorist attack between now and then and I will be the, just by the Trump effect, I will be the candidate. That’s the way I look at it.”

Notice the Trump reference? It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Tapio is a big fan of the president.

In another conversation Tapio didn’t know was being recorded, he remarks that he would never let any of his children serve in the U.S. military because the American armed forces are only used to protect the interests of Saudi Arabia:

“We both agree that we wouldn’t want our kids to serve in the military even with Trump as president. You just are giving up your life to be mercenaries for Saudi Arabia.”

Once he had been caught saying such disgusting things, Tapio tried to emulate Trump by posting a statement on Facebook which reads in part:

“To suggest I am advocating for a terror attack is a disgusting smear and you should be ashamed of yourself. Anyone that would even suggest that is a vile and disgusting individual not worthy of being taken seriously.”

Be sure and notice that Tapio doesn’t for a second deny he made the comments. Instead, he tries to deflect by attacking anyone who dares to call him out for saying such things. Like most Republicans who support Donald Trump, Neal Tapio is only in the political arena for himself. Everyone else is expendable.

Listen to the audio of Tapio here

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