This GOP Congressman Thinks He’s Above The Law

Rep. Greg Gianforte

After assaulting a reporter, Rep. Greg Gianforte thinks he can escape the law, but a judge thinks otherwise. Last week, Justice Court Judge Rick West ordered the lawmaker to come in for a mugshot and fingerprinting in connection with the attack on the journalist earlier this year.

Gianforte Could Be Arrested for Contempt of Court

Gianforte “body slammed” the member of the press in May, and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault a month later. The GOPer, however, said that the Guardian reporter taunted him by acting “aggressively.”

Fox News, however, found that the reporter was in no way aggressive toward the congressman, who was granted a 6-month deferred sentence, 20 hours of anger management therapy, and 40 hours of community service.

His attorneys objected to the latest sentence, arguing that their client’s political opponents could use the mug shot to smear him during next year’s reelection race. Well if you got a mugshot, guess you shouldn’t be running for a government office. After all, any federal, state, or local employee cannot be in their position if they’ve been arrested. Nevertheless, what Gianforte did was caught on camera, and there is no way he can evade legal procedures regarding suspected criminals.

Law experts explained that if the lawmaker ignores the court order, he could be arrested for contempt of court.

A Mug Shot Could Ruin His Political Career

Gianforte apologized to the reporter for the attack and donated $50,000 to an advocacy group designed to protect journalists. However, his critics believe he is more motivated by his re-election bid.

He is indeed concerned that a mug shot would remind his constituents about his anger management issues. But, it is no wonder that the GOP tolerates such members since Donald Trump repeatedly called for violence against the media during his campaign rallies.

Ironically, Republicans are calling for a return to “law and order” when they see the left’s outbursts of violence, but they refuse to start a cleaning operation within their own ranks first.

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